Saturday, February 26, 2011

i am on a beach.

I woke up yesterday to this - and I had to fight my way to school through six to nine inches of snow. /joy.

While Liz and I were out walking in the bitter cold the other night she started repeating the phrase "I'm on a beach," as an example of mind over matter. I realized that it's only a mere 77 days til I'm literally on a beach in Thailand, a tropical climate where I have been told it will be sticky, sweaty hot at all times. Except of course, when it's raining.

The only trouble is that I don't much handle heat well, I tend to get cranky and irritable in extreme heat. This is the only part of my trip to Thailand that gives me pause. Sometimes I think that once I'm sweating my brains out, I'll look back at this photo and long to be this cold. Then again I think not, I think I've had enough winter for a long while.

Friday, February 18, 2011

let the planning commence

I just finished booking the major flights for two big trips in the upcoming months - one to New Orleans for a reunion with some of my friends from college, and the second a month long trip to Thailand. Obviously, it's time to begin a reading list dedicated to both of these locations. I've been inspired to read up pre-travel by one of my professors. Before a family trip to Greece last year he read 30-40 books on Greece; history, culture, fiction, etc. So as a starting point, I checked the books above out of the library.