Sunday, February 3, 2013

Game Time Pretzels

Game time: my homemade soft pretzels are ready to take the field. #superbowl

We got invited to a Superbowl party this morning, and I needed something I could put together with stuff I had on hand. I've also been dying for a chance to try these Miniature Soft Pretzels. Since I can't make pretzels as a main course for family dinner, they always seemed like slightly too much work for even a weekend dinner. But a Superbowl party with plenty of other food? Perfect. 

It look a little bit to get a hang of the twisting and folding of the pretzels, but aside from that they came together really quickly with ingredients that I had on hand. And then my Mom reminded me of this awesome football taco tray we had in the basement, which was the perfect size for the pretzels! Let's play ball!

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