Monday, October 5, 2009

fair food

So i'm only a month or so behind on this post, featuring food from The Great New York State fair. The NYState fair is massive, and pretty typical of state fairs, I think. And aside from the free concerts (Boyz to Men, anyone?) there is an abundance of food you can only get at the fair.

First up, sweet potato ribbon fries.

sweet potato fries

Next up, deep fried oreos. Kelly and I decided we needed to at least try the deep fried oreo phenomenon. I wasn't really sure what to expect.

deep fried oreo

I didn't realize that they bread the oreos in funnel cake batter before deep frying, which makes a lot of sense. And makes it taste vaguely funnel cake-eqsue. Also, I don't know what I thought the inside would be like. It was a melted oreo, which makes sense given the heat of the oil. But I guess part of me thought it would retain the crunch of an Oero.

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